some say I'm {pixel} lover.. is it?

Well! I'm ranjan {ron}, an India based designer, who always enjoys sketching, conceptualizing and designing simple and clean interfaces.. I passionately move pixels and lines of code to craft clean, responsive, and user-friendly websites. I help clients to bring their ideas into the real world..



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I simply love web design, all of my works start from a blank canvas so you will never have a web site that comes from a pre made site template. I cook each project to their individual needs, and preferences of my clients to achieve a great digital experience. I ensure all of my web code meets the highest web standards that works across all major browsers and is S.E.O friendly. I specialized in design and front-end development.

My Ingredients:
Listed below are just some of the 'tools of my trade' that I use on a regular basis.
Interface Design: GUIs for Websites, Branding, Logos, Advertisement banner, CTA, etc.
Interaction/UX: Wireframes, Mockups, Flows, Usability optimization, etc.
Technical skills: Photoshop, CSS/CSS3 , HTML/HTML5, Responsive Design, and bit of php, jQuery, Wordpress, Video & Sound editing, etc.

About Me

  • Education


    My parent says, that I have start doodle on wall when I was two, and gradually it's became my passion and I don't know when it's turn into my profession. I graduated from Vidyasagar University with a Computer Science (Hons) and then spealized in Web Development Technology with Multimedia from Jadavpur University.

    But the studies is still continuing to keep my-self update with latest trends and technologies.

  • Experiences


    Many years I juggle between design and Front-end developments, and working remotely round the globe with different web agencies and indivisual clients. They are located all over the world, like - London, California, Canada, New York, Australia, Norway, etc. These are a few major countries where I'm working in regular basis.

    Ohh! one more things, I won many design contest which was hold under 99designs..

  • Teams I work with

    Testimonial image ratio

    These are a few great teams to whom I worked / work with. and I constantly strive to work with the people who share my passion and zeal for design. Hope, you must give me a chance to prove my skillset in this field. :)


  • Testimonial image ratio

    "If you are looking for a great designer with a keen eye for detail and the ability to complete a project on time you should hire Ron."

    Jason Smith // Founder : Optimal iQ
    San Antonio, Texas
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "Ron is an incredibly creative web designer. He engenders that rare combination of truly imaginative ideas and detail-oriented execution. He gets things done quickly and constantly impresses me with his work."

    Arthur Cundy // Founder : 3elevencreative
    Brooklyn, NewYork
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "Been working with Ron for some time now and I must say his work has ALWAYS made the grade!. He is the first person I look to for all my outside work. Always on time and always willing to do what it takes to make the job perfect."

    Bill Ebert // IT Director : UnlimitedProfits
    Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "Ron get's it done on time and on budget! We've had Ron take care of a number of web related projects, from building a new website to updating existing websites. He's always eager to offer better ways to deliver new ideas and web functionality to your project and has been a valued member of team throughout the year.
    I endorse his work, work ethic and he's a pleasure to do business with all things web and graphic related projects!"

    Spencer Brown // Founder & Chief : Rent-A-Green-Box
    Huntington Beach, California
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Ron on a number of great projects over the past several years. Time after time he never ceases to impress. He is extremely professional, delivering promptly and displaying an understanding of the latest trends that is absolutely fundamental in his ability to create powerful and engaging designs. From marketing-oriented websites to complex web application interfaces – Ron can do it all and I strongly recommend his work."

    Jeff Silverman // DevOps Consulting Inc
    Toronto, Canada
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "Ron not only put up solid entries into the contest (why we picked him) but he also worked closely with us to ensure we got exactly what we wanted, even through a couple changes in specs. Highly recommend and will work with him in future. A+"

    Landon Swan // Founder : GoAndShow
    Louisville, Kentucky
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "CoolDesigner (Ron) certainly lives up to his name. This project was an unusually intense one - and highly competitive. I'm a hard person to impress, but Ron was up to the task. Not only was he the winner of this contest, but I will be working with him further on future projects as well - via 1-to-1 projects."

    Justin Crawford // Agent-of-Efficiency
    United States
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "We enjoyed working with CoolDesigner (Ron), his proposal was more precise and informative at the same time. He is very responsible and and kept working with us over tamplates after the contest. We are grateful and highly recommend Ron for web design."

    Nadia Frolova // Horoshkola
    Mockba, Russia
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "A whole website re-do project with CoolDesigner went really well. CoolDesigner is definitely efficient and do have a sense of combination of marketing and art."

    Marcom P // DynoSense Corp.
    San Jose, CA
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "I have dealt with many website designers in the past and attest to the fact that Ron were accommodating in all of our request and changes and did everything they could to make sure we were a happy client. I would recommend Him to anyone who needed a website designed and of course would sue them again any time. "

    Jo Marr // Co-Founder & Filmmaker : Film Tiger
    Toronto, Canada
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "Ron is a great designer! He designed the FanSaved, Webmonster and so many other stunning design projects, he is quick, professional and delivers the best quality, Ron is my top designer! Will absolutely use him for more design projects in the future. Can absolutely recommend him on any kind of design work."

    Alf Morten // C.E.O : Webmonster
    Oslo, Norway
  • Testimonial image ratio

    "Ron is a very humble, hard working web designer. He knows his job very well and is extremely fast with his works. It was great to interact with him during my recent web designing. He was extremely patient with all my changes. Not only he implemented with superb speed but his command On his designing forte made it look like effortless, which was In fact a huge workload. Ron was always pleasant to talk even when the changes were many. Ron had received great reviews from my partner and he was absolutely and even better than the initial brief I had received. Ron was immensely apt at understanding the whole new Concept and transferred the idea with great ease into the new design.
    I wish him all the best in all his future endeavours and Would highly recommend him for any web designing."

    Manoj Atri // Co-founder : IamKE Inc.
    Toronto, Canada

Contact Me

If you have any questions or you want to talk to me, please feel free to contact with me.. I'd love to hear from you!